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Experiential marketers have been perfecting the art of cross-channel marketing through decades of invention, experimentation, and adaptation to shifting trends in consumer mindset and behavior.

The Scoop sat down with Cliff Rigano, Creative Director, Head of Culture, Content & Experiential Marketing at Jägermeister, to hear his perspectives on the future of cross-channel marketing in a post-pandemic world.  We also explored how Jägermeister dealt with the pressures and business implications of pandemic lockdowns and how they decided to “thrive with purpose” through innovative engagement campaigns with key stakeholders.

No great success can ever happen alone.

A question on the minds of all of us – what do the last two years mean for the next two years? Through the pandemic experience we saw a noticeable mindset shift with consumers increasingly looking for “meaning” in their brand choices.  Smart brands, like Jägermeister, saw an opportunity to reinforce their brand purpose and brand values to better align with this trend.  Consumers have shifted and we need to listen and read into the conversations, Rigano noted. As marketers, we need to review all our channels, the messaging we are delivering, and how the target audiences are receiving that messaging.

“This is an exercise in how brands have to shift their thinking,” said Rigano. New generations of consumers mean a new opportunity for introduction to your product.  What’s the right story to tell and when to tell it, are just two key questions we ask ourselves when engaging a new audience or segment. We need to create the right path for the individual user journey.

Digging deeper, let’s look further at how Jägermeister transformed their purpose to serve their consumers, channel partners, brand advocates, and the company itself.

At its roots, the company’s “Save the Night” campaign grew out of an urgent need to help Jägermeister’s key channel partners – bars, restaurants, and musical venues – to survive the pandemic.  The campaign focused on supporting local communities where bars and restaurants featured musical artists and groups, alongside the Jägermeister brand. With live musical venues being one of the first types of businesses to close, the brand formed new platforms and channels for artists to perform and audiences to see their favorite acts; and even went so far as to create jobs for such positions as motion graphic designers for social media posts and campaigns. “Save the Night” continues post-pandemic to maintain the local community support and to cement these new experiences as part of the way Jägermeister engages local communities going forward.

With the still-evolving “Save the Night” campaign in mind, we asked Cliff what comes next for engagement modalities (physical and digital)?


Put Research and Audience at the Center of Everything We Do

  • “Continuing to understand audience shifts, both macro and micro, is key to approaching both culture and business,” suggests Rigano.
  • Understanding the role of innovation in driving change is essential.


“Synergy over Silos”

  • If we’re always working in a silo with a focus on achieving specific KPIs, we’re missing the opportunity to fully understand the consumer’s integrated experience with the brand, which can result in disjointed messaging.
  • “No great success can ever happen alone,” said Rigano.


Determining success for cross channel marketing looks different by campaign, channel, and business objective.  Clearly articulating your goals – whether to engage or drive awareness on each channel – will be critical in analyzing your data from long term brand research and social media campaign impressions, to best optimize each campaign.

To learn more cross channel marketing best practices, check out the full The Scoop interview with Cliff Rigano here.

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