Where Did You Hear That? Cross Channel Marketing That Speaks to All Audiences

EMS Rewind - Cliff Rigano - Blog

Experiential marketers have been perfecting the art of cross-channel marketing through decades of invention, experimentation, and adaptation to shifting trends in consumer mindset and behavior. The Scoop sat down with Cliff Rigano, Creative Director, Head of Culture, Content & Experiential Marketing at Jägermeister, to hear his perspectives on the future of cross-channel marketing in a […]

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Engagement for All Event Types

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We’ve all had to alter our thinking and the way we design our events to meet ever-evolving participant expectations. Technology and data have played large roles as steppingstones, facilitating a path for event organizers to reimagine the event experience for all their key stakeholders. The Scoop sat down with Riley Sawyers, Senior Customer Success Manager, […]

It’s Not Just a Game! Use Gamification to Drive Your Business Objectives

EMS Rewind - Dimash Kunayev - Blog

The pandemic forced us to look at digital through a lens that we hadn’t before. For some of us, it was the mere fact that this was the main tool to engage and for others, it was a chance to reinvent our events and levels of participation. As Dimash Kunayev said, “the pandemic brought this […]

How Design Influences All Aspects of the Consumer Experience

EMS Rewind - Phil Duncan - Blog

With multi-channel marketing, the influence of design on the consumer experience is more evident than we may realize. The design of a brand or product impacts how consumers engage through multiple channels, thus leading to a creative and in some cases, wholly unique design per channel and known consumer preferences. The Scoop sat down with […]

Putting Your Event Data to Work, with Matt Grant of Impact XM  

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Whether it be a live, in-person or a hybrid event, we all look for key indicators and metrics of success to support our event and content strategies.   At this year’s Experiential Marketing Summit, The Scoop took a deep dive with Matthew Grant, VP of Live + Digital Production and Technology at Impact XM, to discuss […]

The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On

In this video we summarize the Key Benefits of replacing your cancelled in-person event with a digital experience, and offer Five Keys to Success in designing and delivering your digital program.