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Getting back to in-person meetings and events has not been simple. Every event-planner is struggling with new safety guidelines as well as ensuring that those who are not comfortable attending in-person can still benefit from content on the ground.


beedance teamed up with 90 Seconds to create a three-day virtual program with keynote speaker interviews, industry-first news and announcements, and hot-takes from attendees (even coverage of the awards dinner!). We covered this event as a news entity – so that those at home could experience the magic of the event without leaving their homes. Additionally, we focused the content on encouraging a pipeline of engagement to the expanded audiences. Check out the content below to learn more.


In addition to the level of enthusiasm we got from attendees, event organizers, and speakers, we were surprised by the numbers of at-home viewers of this content. We successfully expanded the audience of EMS and gave the virtual audience a taste of what it was like to be on the ground in Las Vegas! 

Experiential Marketing Summit

Las Vegas, NV

April 2022


Watch on Demand

Play Video about Career Growth in Recovery

These past years we’ve changed, our teams have changed, the team of the future looks different. Join Katrina Kent, Liberty Mutual Insurance; Emmanuel Gotsis, Webex, Cisco and Charlie Eder, Yahoo as they explore the new skills we all need to bridge our pre and post COVID teams.

Play Video about Phil Duncan video

Phil offers a veritable tour de force on design, marketing, consumer engagement and the brand experience! Hear his perspectives on how design thinking influences all aspects of R&D, product development, packaging, and digital and human engagement to transform strategies for the consumer experience. 

Play Video about Vanessa Santana

Vanessa Santana, Associate Brand Manager, Dove Haircare Innovation at Unilever talks DEI, how to move beyond box checking and towards real change with great tips of allies.

Play Video about Matt Grant Video

If you are passionate about data, or simply interested in learning more about how to maximize the value of your data, you won’t want to miss this terrific session with Matt Grant of Impact XM!  Matt reflects on the challenges of the pandemic years and shares how Impact XM “flexed its muscles” to respond to changing client needs, including enhanced data and analytics capabilities. 

Play Video about EMS Rewind - Webex Events - Thumbnail Updated

Big News!  The virtual event platform formerly known as Socio is now WebEx Events and we’ve got the scoop on what’s new with WebEx Events and how they are helping clients manage the shifts and changes in virtual and hybrid engagement.  Learn how the acquisition by Cisco has enabled WebEx Events with a fuller suite of tools to drive audience engagement across multiple event modalities, and how they advise their clients on what modality is best for any given experience.

Play Video about Miri Rodriguez

In the buzzwords, perhaps none has been more overused and less understood than storytelling. Dive into why it’s important, what it really means, and how you can do it right with Miri Rodriguez, Senior Storyteller Future of Work, Microsoft.

Play Video about Joan Kuhl

Fact: “always on” work cultures and habits drive women from the workplace. Join International speaker, leadership consultant and bestselling author Joan Kuhl as she discusses Healthy boundaries and breakthrough goals for women and the important role men play in our collective success.

Play Video about Monchiere Holmes-Jones

In the wake of COVID, the push for b-2-b marketers to activate, fewer, bigger, better events on a leaner budget is more pressing than ever. Monchiere’ Holmes – Jones, Founder and CEO of MOJO MKTG + PR, to discuss the power of local events, and her key lessons for success.

Play Video about Cliff Rigano video

Get the inside scoop as Cliff shares his unique perspectives on the power of local / community engagement programs, attracting new generations of consumers, aligning cross channel marketing strategies to your business objectives, and the critical importance of data activation. Hear Cliff’s key lessons learned during the pandemic and how to leverage them going forward. 

Play Video about Henry Lichtblau

Henry Lichtblau, Vice President Client Solutions at Riddle & Bloom discusses his Top Tips for engaging the hardest-to-move consumers in the history of marketing – Gen Z.

Play Video about Dimash Kunayev video

Things are changing in the gamification space, and you won’t want to miss our interview with Dimash Kunayev with Engamio.  In this spirited session we learn how Dimash, a nuclear physicist, caught the gamification bug and is creating a new generation of interactive solutions to keep audiences engaged in a more intentional way.  Learn how gamification can be used to activate key “trigger points” in an experience, driving successful business outcomes and leading to higher ROI. 

Play Video about impe video

A fascinating interview with IPME CEO Bill Hinchliff and COO Craig Raposa, as we explore how brands are utilizing shipping containers – yes, shipping containers! – to deliver highly engaging in-person exhibits and innovative brand activations. Tour the “IPME Green Zone” and learn how IPME’s modular, scalable, digitally enabled engagement solutions help brands cost-effectively deliver unique, multi-sensory experiences that honor their sustainability values.

Play Video about Wayneston Harbeson video

Join us as we serve up the scoop with Wayneston Harbeson, SVP Events and Operations with NATPE, a global content association and professional membership organization.  Wayne shares how NATPE has helped shape television by facilitating the discovery of such mega-hits as Oprah, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy!  Learn how NATPE skillfully navigated the difficult pandemic years, kept its stakeholders engaged, and adapted its business to create even more value for its community of TV buyers and sellers.

Play Video about How it came together

Are you looking for new ways to engage your audience at an event? Join The Scoop team as they discuss how they created this program for the Experiential Marketing Summit.

Play Video about The Power of Parallel

Join The Scoop for an in-depth interview with beedance Executive Director, Client Success, Leslie Bailey, as we introduce the concepts and ideas behind the term, “Parallel Events”, and how this will impact multiple audience types and team resources positively to create unique engagement experiences. We’ll discuss strategies for repurposing content and agendas from one program to construct a parallel event experience for different modality access points, for all types of users.

Play Video about Exhibits! Exhibits! Exhibits!

Vegas is known for its show stopping sights and the Hall of Ideas (also known as the exhibit hall), pulled out all the stops. We talked to exhibitors such as AnyRoad, Swapcard, Proto and many more. Watch all of the exhibitor interviews now for footage of the multitude of ideas and services these exhibitors have to offer!

Play Video about Ex Awards Gala

Red carpet interviews from the best of the best in experiential marketing at the EMS Ex Awards Gala.

Play Video about Behind the Scenes

Everything that you saw on screen from the Experiential Marketing Summit, had an amazing cast of professionals behind the scenes making it all happen.

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