Great Realization – Gamify Engagement to Future Proof your Experiences

Great Realization

There are uneasy conversations about the recession causing behaviours to revert from the growth and innovations we’ve experienced during the great digital transformation to hesitancy and stagnation. In these waves of disruption that we’ve experienced through the pandemic and the creeping rise of the recession, we are experiencing continued uncertainty, adversity, discomfort, and lack of […]

Five Strategy Insights for Digital Event Success

5 Step Blog

In a previous blog, “The Show Must Go On!”, we discussed the concept of including a digital event strategy in the instance of a postponed or ultimately, canceled in-person event. While in-person is back as much as it can be, we’re now attempting to jump other hurdles such as inflation, a possible recession and a […]

A Match Made in Session Heaven: Compatibility Between Speakers and Moderators

Speaker Moderator Compatibility

You’ve done it! You crafted a unique session, conducted speaker research, and found a brilliant thought leader, a provocative thinker to present the session content, and now you need a moderator to guide the session and be a voice for the audience. When pairing a speaker and moderator for a powerful session, you’re not only […]

Leading by Example: Three Ways Engagement Starts with You

hands raised

As event organizers we seek out the same things in our event outcomes, attendee satisfaction, memorable experiences, and maximum engagement! Participation is always a challenge, especially if attendees aren’t fully prepared for what is expected of them and their comfortability level with the planned activity. Recently in the Parallel Events Summit, (oh you missed it? […]

3 Crucial Challenges for Onsite Events in 2022

3 Crucial Challenges

As event planners, we are used to curve balls thrown in our direction just before an event. Still, with a combination of pandemic aftershocks and rises in fuel costs, combined with global inflation we need to investigate preventative action as opposed to reactionary adjustments. Let’s look at three obvious challenges hitting events right now and […]

Parallel Events – 3 Takeaways You Need Now


At this point, we’ve all at heard the term, “Parallel Event” used and if you attended the Parallel Events Summit, you are now familiar with the definition. For those of you who missed it, let’s reiterate the concept once more. A parallel event is an event format designed for digital participants, with a focus on […]

3 Ways Parallel Events Can Beat Inflation


Conceding doesn’t always mean defeat. Inflation is an unpredictable challenge, and it comes on quick. Luckily with advances in technology and event design, we as event organizers, have plenty of options to include in our toolkit as a secondary plan, specifically parallel events. In reference to events, inflation affects things such as transportation costs, travel […]

3 Ways to Translate In-Person Content for a Digital Audience

Content Translation Blog

As participants in an online program, we’ve all had that lacking experience when viewing a live stream of an in-person session where a joke or question was told in the room, off mic, which we missed. We hear a laugh, possibly see others nodding in the room, but cannot follow the interaction because we’re missing […]

3 Key Differences: Parallel vs. Hybrid Events

Parallel v Hybrid Blog

We all interpret words and terms in our own way, especially when it comes to event formats. Parallel event is one of those terms. While it’s important to understand the basic idea of a parallel event, what’s more important is taking that understanding and designing your framework to fit your content and audience needs. One […]