3 Ways Parallel Events Can Beat Inflation


Conceding doesn’t always mean defeat. Inflation is an unpredictable challenge, and it comes on quick. Luckily with advances in technology and event design, we as event organizers, have plenty of options to include in our toolkit as a secondary plan, specifically parallel events. In reference to events, inflation affects things such as transportation costs, travel […]

3 Ways to Translate In-Person Content for a Digital Audience

Content Translation Blog

As participants in an online program, we’ve all had that lacking experience when viewing a live stream of an in-person session where a joke or question was told in the room, off mic, which we missed. We hear a laugh, possibly see others nodding in the room, but cannot follow the interaction because we’re missing […]

3 Key Differences: Parallel vs. Hybrid Events

Parallel v Hybrid Blog

We all interpret words and terms in our own way, especially when it comes to event formats. Parallel event is one of those terms. While it’s important to understand the basic idea of a parallel event, what’s more important is taking that understanding and designing your framework to fit your content and audience needs. One […]

Not All Delivery Modes Are Created Equal

Delivery Modes

Understanding the best and most engaging way to deliver content to an audience is key. There are varying reasons and costs involved in the development and delivery of different modes of content, and as a result it’s important to understand which delivery method you wish to utilize. First, let’s look at the delivery modes you […]

5 Things to Know About Parallel Events

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Navigating the preferences of our audiences can be challenging and, in most cases, takes multiple resources to interpret, understand and take those preferences to put into an action plan. With parallel events, you are primarily working with a digital audience, which means you are focused on three priority items: the environment, the content experience, and […]

Where Did You Hear That? Cross Channel Marketing That Speaks to All Audiences

EMS Rewind - Cliff Rigano - Blog

Experiential marketers have been perfecting the art of cross-channel marketing through decades of invention, experimentation, and adaptation to shifting trends in consumer mindset and behavior. The Scoop sat down with Cliff Rigano, Creative Director, Head of Culture, Content & Experiential Marketing at Jägermeister, to hear his perspectives on the future of cross-channel marketing in a […]

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Engagement for All Event Types

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We’ve all had to alter our thinking and the way we design our events to meet ever-evolving participant expectations. Technology and data have played large roles as steppingstones, facilitating a path for event organizers to reimagine the event experience for all their key stakeholders. The Scoop sat down with Riley Sawyers, Senior Customer Success Manager, […]

It’s Not Just a Game! Use Gamification to Drive Your Business Objectives

EMS Rewind - Dimash Kunayev - Blog

The pandemic forced us to look at digital through a lens that we hadn’t before. For some of us, it was the mere fact that this was the main tool to engage and for others, it was a chance to reinvent our events and levels of participation. As Dimash Kunayev said, “the pandemic brought this […]

Leading with Empathy and Human Connection in a Recovery Era

Kent Eder Gotsis

“We’re all in this together”. That is what the pandemic taught us, especially in the workplace, and to thrive, we need to carry that mindset into our “new normal”.   The Scoop, caught up with Katrina Kent, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy with Liberty Mutual Insurance, Charlie Eder, Head of Global Events and Experiential Marketing, […]

How to Make the Most Out of Your Event Content

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As events continue to transform post pandemic, it’s important to focus on maximizing content life cycles. Typically, event planners think of content as Live in Person, Hybrid (Onsite & Remote) Parallel or On Demand, and the content length is determined by the agenda. At beedance we work diligently with our clients to ensure that they […]