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Our Story

In 2019, a few friends set out to create a new kind of services company – an environment where everyone could bring their whole authentic self to work, do the work they love and have the flexibility they need to thrive. A place where the focus is on achieving outcomes for clients and developing long-term relationships, not just “selling stuff” to anyone.

Today, we’re proud to be a boutique agency that powers leading global brands, associations, and even other agencies! Our focus is on solving complex problems and we specialize in Business Intelligence, Events, and Marketing.

In our short history we’ve grown into a thriving international team with over 50 ‘Hive Members’ in seven countries. We’re always growing and changing, but we stay true to our mission of keeping business human.

Hive Members

Adam Mankoff

Serial tech entrepreneur, Adam is no stranger to being at the forefront of innovation. Known for solving big customer problems with creative and differentiated offerings, Adam specializes in building communities of excellence. He has 30+ years’ entrepreneur; successfully developing, launching, running and selling, four profitable businesses in Enterprise Online Services and Food Distribution.

Steve Boyce

Driven by insatiable curiosity, an abundance mindset and a relentless focus on client success, Steve is constantly pushing for creative new ways to drive better business outcomes, faster.  He specializes in using data-driven insights to create highly effective stakeholder engagement strategies.  Steve has 30+ years’ experience advising leading brands on business strategy, digital transformation, multi-channel marketing, and experiential business intelligence.

Emma King

Disengagement? Not on her watch, Emma wins awards for developing engagement in productive digital communication strategies, always innovating and dynamically connecting with the audiences, its critical for Emma to leverage emotional and leadership intelligence to drive adoption of communication. Emma has 20+ years’ experience in instructional design, learning strategy, development strategy, and digital transformation of content.


Specializing in telling people-centric stories, Reyna is part creative director, video engineer, and overall big-thinker. Her passion for tearing down the status quo and solving complex problems with elegant solutions is part of what makes her an industry leader. She has over 10+ years managing project for brands such as NTT, WITNESS, Zacapa, and the National Press Foundation.

Leslie Bailey

Leslie has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to digital, physical, and hybrid events. Wearing many different hats, she has project managed and produced digital and hybrid events, creating content for both physical and digital audiences and hosting live interviews from in-person events.

Leslie’s belief that teaching and managing go hand in hand influences the way she works to support clients and see a project through to success. Her ongoing goal is to empower clients to keep furthering their strategic thinking after each event to enhance engagements and experiences.


Events have always been Allie’s “thing”, continually annoying her friends with over-planning and over-organizing simple gatherings, she is known for creating spaces for engagement and joy. Quick with a smile or a snide remark, Allie enjoys giving large conferences a dinner table feel. Allie has expertise in digital, physical and hybrid events. Don’t know where to start or looking for new, creative ideas – Allie brings project management and design to any team.

Our Team

Behind every great achievement, there is a team. Ours is called The Hive.

Meet the heart of beedance, our people and some of the unique humans leading the way.

Hive Values

Our unique values describe what we stand for. They shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and who we hire.

Be Human

We are genuine and build trust through honesty and integrity. We lead with kindness, always.

Play as a Team

We are stronger together, share openly, have fun and revel in the success of clients and each other.

Deliver Quality

Through collaboration, experience, and professionalism, we deliver the best possible outcome.

Prioritize Diversity

We value diversity of opinion, experience, and background as a part of our commitment to the best outcome.

Achieve Success

We are relentless and uncompromising in helping clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

Show Leadership

We are courageous leaders, resourceful in our commitment to improvement and innovation.

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