Checking in Just to Check Out

Checking in to check out

Tell me this has never happened to you. You get the invite to a networking event or reception. You decide to go, you’re the first one there, you don’t know anyone and now… it’s awkward and you’re looking for a way to pull the rip cord. While everyone has experienced this at some point, this is not the engagement experience you want for your audience.

Untethered 2021 Awards: Our Very Own Rising Star

Untethered is an event that brings together brands, agencies, influencers and event tech leaders from around the world while featuring some of the newest innovations in the events industry. Their awards are a pretty amazing part of the event that highlight the most inspiring and rising superstars in the events world and each winner is chosen by the people!

In-Person, Sensory Overload – it’s a thing!

In Person Sensory Overload

It’s been some time since we have been able to have in-person events and diving back in after a year can be a little overwhelming. Read how Emma King feels about the overloading sensation and how we can consider protecting against it.

Virtual Event Fatigue? Part 2

Virtual Event Fatigue Part 2

As part of our consultancy work, we are seeing so much feedback that 2020 events due to the speed of delivery often missed the mark for many companies.  Last week I shared some experiences that if strategy had been leveraged BEFORE the event they could have been avoided.  Today I want to focus on situations where education is necessary […]

Virtual Event Fatigue?

Virtual Event Fatigue

Ever had a hangover, where you think back on the experience of the previous day and reflect on some of the choices you made and feel regretful? I feel like some companies have a huge hangover from 2020 and the choices they made to deliver a virtual event. Forced by the pandemic to pivot, companies fell into several traps which are not uncommon, but which […]

Friends: The BIG Reunion and the BIGGER Pivot


Who watched The Friends Reunion? I could not help reflecting on the famous scene where Ross purchased the couch but decided not to purchase the delivery service and think about the last 18 months in the events industry.

Central Line: Inside the Annual Meeting, ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020

ASA Central Line Blog

Listen in as Dr. Adam Striker interviews Dr. Meg Rosenblatt, Chair of ASA’s Annual Meeting Oversight Committee, and Fallon Cryer, Cofounder and Partner at ASA’s consulting partner, beedance, about what to expect from this year’s unprecedented annual meeting.

Bee wisdom: Lesson Two

Bee Wisdom 2

In part two of this blog series, we explore why collaborative teams innovate better, experience higher levels of morale and, as a result, productivity. Discover lessons from the behaviour of bees.