Cadence 2022 – Ep 1: The Era of Engagement

Cadence 2022 – Ep 1: The Era of Engagement

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‘The Era of Engagement – how to maximize engagement and growth’ featured an amazing panelist , who dove into topics with our host like how engagement has changed in the virtual working world, turning a passive audience into active participants, engagement impacts on business objectives and goals, and much more! Learn more about our panelist Ron Shaw and host Steve Boyce, and watch the recorded Cadence episode below. Don’t miss the next episode at the end of February, join our community now!

Introducing Ron Shaw  – Ron is a digital expert with an extensive background in communication, technology, and events. He has helped over 300 organizations and companies to strategize, execute, measure, and achieve their business outcomes. He is a digital strategist at heart, best known for his ability to apply creativity and strategic thinking to the ever-changing world of technology. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Digital Experience at beedance with a focus on finding the right digital technologies for their clients’ experiences and engagements. Ron’s passion for neuroscience and neurotechnology influences all the work he is involved in. If it has to do with enhancing the function of the human mind he is all in and ready to get his geek on. At the end of the day, his ultimate goal is to find the best ways to bridge the gap between technology and humanity. 

Introducing Steve Boyce – Cadence’s charismatic host and panel moderator. For over 25 years, he has been advising leading brands on business and marketing strategy, digital and technology transformation, brand advertising, and multi-channel marketing. He’s on a mission to help companies leverage the art and science of digital engagement and communications to drive better business results and to use data and analytics to properly measure the business impact of their engagement and communications programs.



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