PRA: The Virtual Corporate Event


With virtual meetings, even experienced event professionals can find themselves stuck. This was the case in 2020 when PRA, a leading corporate event planner, wanted to bring their company together to celebrate their year. But how?


beedance teamed up with PRA to create a three-day virtual program to celebrate their successes and reconnect with their peers. As an agency in the events industry, beedance participated as speakers in the event, collaborating to run a live “behind-the-scenes” report on how virtual events are built and delivered. One of their main speakers was pregnant which meant contingency plans were needed should the new member of the PRA team arrive mid-event!


It was a high-energy and highly engaging event! Over 100 employees tuned in and participated, finishing the event with a social activity. Experience boxes were delivered to each home, full of cooking ingredients and a chef provided an evening of virtual cooking & cocktais. The team shared a meal virtually and the education delivered by the joint PRA and beedance team became instrumental in helping PRA move into 2021 with confidence on adding virtual deliveries to their offerings.



May 2020