Cadence – Ep 5: When Less Is More

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Cadence – Ep 5: When Less Is More

Hosted by Steve Boyce, ‘When Less Is More – maximizing value with a light program and maximum interactivity ’ featured a great panel of unique speakers, who dove into why bigger events aren’t always better, the positive effects of digital elements, simpler events can create an accessible experience, and much more. Learn more about our panelists Dimitry Ortiz and Sourabh Kothari, and watch the recorded Cadence episode below.  Don’t miss the next episode on November 30th, join our community now!

Introducing Sourabh Kothari  – Co-Founder and CEO of Mindcurrent. For over 20 years, Sourabh has been building high performance teams and award-winning products for the world’s largest brands, including marketing programs at Cisco that were nominated for two Emmy awards. During the pandemic, he had the unique opportunity to train over 3,000 event professionals globally on digital engagement for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events via PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist certification course. His newest venture, Mindcurrent, uses data science and performance psychology to analyze team performance and well-being, with expert insights delivered directly via Slack and Teams based on each team’s unique culture and stress factors. 

Introducing Dimitry Ortiz – Computer Scientist. Dimitry has a background in Computer Science and has used those skills to become a specialist in Robotic Process Automation. He helps small and medium sized businesses alike with their digital transformation by creating a suitable online workforce. He works directly with clients to identify process improvement and automation opportunities. He is also the leader of a talented group of process analysts. Dimitry is passionate about helping others, so he shares free resources on Computer Programming and works with a non-profit group to help as many people as he can to start a new career in Software Engineering at no cost to them.



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