Cadence – Ep 4: Webinars are dead?

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Cadence – Ep 4: Webinars are dead?

Hosted by Steve Boyce, ‘Webinars are dead? Charting a course for memorable virtual experiences’ featured an another amazing panel of speakers, who went back and fourth on the usefulness of the traditional webinar, how the technology has progressed, and how to create impactful content.  Learn more about our panelists Lisa Jennings and Junaid Ahmed, and watch the recorded Cadence episode below.  Don’t miss the next episode, join our community today!

Introducing Lisa Jennings – Chief Experience Officer at Wildly Different.  Lisa is passionate about delivering interactive, recreational events because she believes what Leo Buscaglia so eloquently summed up when he said, “It is paradoxical that many still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”  Before becoming the Chief Experience Officer for Wildly Different, Lisa gained well-rounded experience from a variety of positions.  She has worked in resorts, communities, health clubs, and senior recreation for a team-building company and event-marketing agency. 

Introducing Junaid Ahmed – Show Host & Producer of Hacks and Hobbies. Junaid inspires others to create great video content as a UX designer turned storyteller.  Not only does he tell stories through his podcast Hacks and Hobbies, but he has also created a studio optimized for content creation while motivating and teaching others about the importance of good video.  Junaid has been a passionate technologist for three decades and loves to tinker with tech software and woodworking.  He has his own mastermind around building your own home studio, taking his knowledge from filmmaking, problem-solving, and technology.  Members appreciate how he explains the tech in plain, simple, and digestible language.



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