How to Make the Most Out of Your Event Content

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As events continue to transform post pandemic, it’s important to focus on maximizing content life cycles.

Typically, event planners think of content as Live in Person, Hybrid (Onsite & Remote) Parallel or On Demand, and the content length is determined by the agenda. At beedance we work diligently with our clients to ensure that they leverage the content and their data from their events, to dive deeper into what was successful, what wasn’t and determine areas of their programs we can improve moving forward into their next event.

When we focus on content captured, we always looking at how can this content be:


Consider taking lengthy content such as a keynote session and editing it into easy to consume segments, pinnacle moments can be leveraged in a variety of ways.


Pivoting on the suggestion of resegmentation, content can be shared via a variety of additional channels to amplify the content, this could be via social media, On Demand Courses, Educational Content, knowledge bases, additional on demand content for future events.


Think about how and when can you reshare this content, in its current form, edited form to a new, existing or the same audience? Content from last year doesn’t mean its old.


Here are 7 Ways to think about the 3R’s

  1. Create an On Demand Series from a collection of “aha moments” entitled Wisdom from our event.
  2. Share a pinnacle moment in a session, as a teaser for watching the entire session On Demand.
  3. Capture content onsite which isn’t streamed live and edit to make content more engaging for virtual On Demand audiences for post-live event periods.
  4. Leverage the audio from sessions as content for a series of podcasts.
  5. Place content within a knowledge base repository.
  6. Share recorded content plus teasers with session speakers, allow them to repurpose to their own audience.
  7. Create new courses and programs from tracks or categories of content that have a longer shelf life.

Developing a library system which categorizes recorded content is essential. Historical archives show us that certain content does not lose its educational value or meaning, way beyond the time it was recorded.  Tracking the topic, speaker, title, date & time of capture and some insightful notes, can save the day!

There is significant expense to capture content onsite to stream live or at a later date, so it’s important that you maximize the content’s reach and life span so that you can continue to reap a return on investment well past your event date.

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