Cadence – Ep 2: Keeping Business Human in a Digital World

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Cadence – Ep 2: Keeping Business Human in a Digital World

Hosted by Steve Boyce, ‘Keeping Business Human in a Digital World’ featured another incredible panel of speakers, who shared experiences and business ideologies when it comes to digital technologies and the humans they connect. Continue below to watch the full recording and get to know the panelists. Don’t miss the next episode, join our community today!

Introducing Ashleigh Vogstad, Transcends – Channel Partner Marketing’s CEO. Ashleigh founded Transcends on a passion for people and is a strong advocate for diversity in technology. Transcends is a digital marketing agency that accelerates growth for B2B tech companies from startups to Fortune 100’s like Microsoft, Adobe and NTT across Asia Pacific and North America. Ashleigh actively supports the entrepreneurial business community with a position on Microsoft’s Geo Expansion council and as a board member for Redfund Capital, an accelerator of global wellness brands.

Introducing Suzanne Kelly, founder of Acquisition Intelligence, LLC. After leaving a toxic work environment, Suzanne Kelly vowed to never work for anyone ever again. She put together all she needed to start her own employment agency with just six months of planning. The years spent as a recruiter taught her the hiring process inside and out. She understands business and leadership. As a Chief Talent Advisor, she curates unbiased referencing for c-suite executives. When companies select their top-tier candidates, they can’t accurately assess a candidate’s soft skills, work ethic, or integrity. With her proprietary method for unbiased referencing, she finds out if a candidate is exactly who they say they are even before they interview. Suzanne uses her 20+ years in recruiting and her human touch to vet high-profile executives. She has recruited for companies including Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and Bridgewater Associates.

Introducing Jeff Baietto, InJoy Global’s COO & Co-Founder. He is also the host of the InJoy Success Podcast and what started decades ago with a childhood passion for discovering the most successful ways to live was materialized almost a decade ago when Jeff co-founded InJoy Global – a company aligned with his personal mission to help as many people as possible live the life of their dreams. Jeff has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, and a background in the video game industry, along with years of experience in executive coaching and personal development. With this cocktail of gamification and positive psychology, Jeff is on the cutting edge of what makes changing for the better, easier, and faster than ever before. What you’ll find is Jeff’s experience, stories, and overall energy will make it clearer than ever that no matter where you are in your life or what change you want to create for yourself… YOU CAN DO IT.



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