3 Ways Parallel Events Can Beat Inflation


Conceding doesn’t always mean defeat. Inflation is an unpredictable challenge, and it comes on quick. Luckily with advances in technology and event design, we as event organizers, have plenty of options to include in our toolkit as a secondary plan, specifically parallel events. In reference to events, inflation affects things such as transportation costs, travel […]

3 Ways to Translate In-Person Content for a Digital Audience

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As participants in an online program, we’ve all had that lacking experience when viewing a live stream of an in-person session where a joke or question was told in the room, off mic, which we missed. We hear a laugh, possibly see others nodding in the room, but cannot follow the interaction because we’re missing […]

3 Key Differences: Parallel vs. Hybrid Events

Parallel v Hybrid Blog

We all interpret words and terms in our own way, especially when it comes to event formats. Parallel event is one of those terms. While it’s important to understand the basic idea of a parallel event, what’s more important is taking that understanding and designing your framework to fit your content and audience needs. One […]

5 Things to Know About Parallel Events

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Navigating the preferences of our audiences can be challenging and, in most cases, takes multiple resources to interpret, understand and take those preferences to put into an action plan. With parallel events, you are primarily working with a digital audience, which means you are focused on three priority items: the environment, the content experience, and […]

Feedback is a Gift: Being a Lifelong Learner in DE&I with Vanessa Santana

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As event organizers, we’re conditioned to be masters of the “to do” list and check items off as we go. With our meetings and conferences, we also tend to take that approach with such things as our speaker line ups, but when looking at DE&I, that’s not the best or even the ideal approach. The […]

Gaining Access into the Minds of Gen Z and Brand Loyalty; Key Insights with Henry Lichtblau

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Generation Z views brands and products through a different lens than the consumer generations that came before them. While past generations put more of a premium on price, quality or familiarity, more studies find that Generation Z is looking at the company or brand as a whole and what they stand for, as well as how they incorporate those stances into their message to include such elements as values and community connections through a brand or product. Given this perspective and observations into the consumers of Generation Z, one of the fickler generations, as their tastes shift more often than previous consumer groups, here are top questions we discussed with Henry that provide insights into forging a deeper, ongoing connection with a generation that is at the current stage in life, are forming habits, emotional connections and affiliations for brand preferences and loyalty.

Checking in Just to Check Out

Checking in to check out

Tell me this has never happened to you. You get the invite to a networking event or reception. You decide to go, you’re the first one there, you don’t know anyone and now… it’s awkward and you’re looking for a way to pull the rip cord. While everyone has experienced this at some point, this is not the engagement experience you want for your audience.