Holistic Digital Approach to Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Stakeholder Strategy Communications Ecosystem Engagement Model

Are your stakeholders engaged?

We help you discover key drivers of digital engagement and create a measurable stakeholder strategy aligned with your critical business objectives.

Do your programs drive business impact?

We help you design, implement and optimize a digital content and virtual programming model that increases stakeholder engagement and business value.

Does your digital ecosystem support your strategy?

We analyze your technology, data and analytics systems to ensure you have the right tools and capabilities to support your critical programs via virtual or hybrid events.


No matter what your business challenge, or who your audience is, we can help you find the right virtual or hybrid solution to your digital engagement and communications challenges.

Engagement Diagnostic​

Struggling to engage key stakeholders?
Let us help you diagnose and fix the problem!

Digital Programming​

Want a video-first digital engagement strategy? We can create and produce one for you!

Technology Evaluation

Technology investments not paying off?
We can help rationalize your ecosystem!

our tech partners

discover the hidden costs
The high cost of stakeholder disengagement might surprise you.

Most Employees are Disengaged 

85% of global employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their jobs

Companies with poor employee engagement suffer lower
Profit Revenue and Employee Retention

Source: “State of the Global Workplace” (Gallup, 2017)

Digital Strategies to Turn Employee Engagement Into Profit

Employee Engagement Surveys

Conduct regular, anonymous employee surveys to discover authentic feedback on key drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction.​

Enterprise Collaboration

Get the most out of your enterprise collaboration technologies through effective employee onboarding and creative adoption strategies.​

Knowledge Sharing​

Energize your Executive Townhalls, enhance knowledge sharing and increase employee participation with “Your Company TV.”​

Employee Development

Deliver real, measurable employee development with video-first learning and training programs.​

Digital Strategies to Turn Customer Engagement into Profit

Customer Engagement Monitoring​

Establish effective digital customer feedback loops, conduct regular NPS scoring, and capture fresh insights to inform your marketing and sales efforts.​

“Your Brand TV”​

Accelerate sales by providing customers and prospects fresh content and interactive programming through your own “Brand TV” channel.​

Digitize Your Live Events​

Enhance your on-site live event experience, reach a larger global audience, and drive measurable business impact with digital programming strategies.​

Channel Partner Engagement​

Accelerate Channel Partner growth and success through more effective digital engagement.​

Customers Want Better Engagement

54% of customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage


Companies with poor customer engagement suffer lower

Relationship Growth Share of Wallet Customer Retention

Source: “State of the Connected Customer” (Salesforce, 2019)

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