Maximize Your Investment in Events & Experiential Marketing Programs

Is your data
working for you?

Honeycomb enables organizations to better control, activate and monetize their marketing, communications, and experiential data.  

Introducing Honeycomb, by beedance – the only experiential business intelligence service that can solve all your data, reporting, measurement, and analytical challenges

Engagement Drives Business Success

By better understanding how engagement drives business success, organizations can “put their data to work” for huge benefits:

  • Prove event ROI
  • Discover breakthrough business insights
  • Create more personalized attendee journeys
  • Design more profitable sponsorship models
  • Drive more stakeholder engagement
  • Identify new revenue opportunities
  • Elevate the standing of experiential marketing in your organization

Honeycomb is a full-service experiential business intelligence solution

How it works


Experiential Strategy

We create the strategic foundation for your success.

  • Stakeholder Measurement & Reporting Framework
  • Role-Based KPIs and Metrics
  • Data & Analytical Plan


Unified Data & Dashboards

We enable deep analysis.

  • Data Capture Strategy
  • ID-Level Data Unification across Entire Experiential Ecosystems
  • Role-based KPI Dashboards


Stakeholder Value Assessment

We deliver fresh insights and recommendations.

  • ROI Measurement
  • Individual Program Results, Analysis, Insights, and Recommendations
  • AI-Powered Predictive Analytics help you go "Beyond the KPI"
  • Ongoing Portfolio Analysis

Use Case

Engagement Index
Enhances Lead Engine


A global SaaS software company with an annual proprietary conference and exhibits at multiple 3rd-party events struggled to activate attendee data to improve nurture campaign effectiveness and accelerate sales pipelines.


Honeycomb created a multi-factor Engagement Index that measured attendee engagement and assigned a score to each activity. The Index was added to the company’s lead scoring formula and improved the effectiveness and predictive value of MQLs & SQLs.


Post-event campaign performance increased from 26% – 78% across all campaigns in the first year. Significant time reductions in stage-to-stage pipeline movement.
Activated data leveraged by the marketing and sales department to create strategy.

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