Maximize your marketing investment

Honeycomb enables organizations to better control, activate and monetize their marketing, communications, and experiential data.  By better understanding how engagement drives business success, organizations can “put their data to work” to create personalized journeys, design more profitable sponsorship models, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Unlock the power of data,
make better decisions

With Honeycomb Services, you spend less time justifying your budget and more time innovating. Here are just some of the benefits organizations take advantage of:

Improve Experiences

Drive continuous improvement across experiential marketing portfolio.

Uncover New Information

Discover breakthrough insights about your stakeholder behavior.

Increase Efficiencies

Identify new revenue and business opportunities.

Justify Your Budget

Elevate internal status of events and experiences.

The Methodology




Our strategists create the strategic foundation for success.

  • Event & Portfolio Strategy
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Data & Analytical Plan
  • Role-Based KPIs
  • Continuous Improvement Cycle
  • Annual Strategic Refresh

Unified Data

Our Technologists and Data Experts enable deep analysis.

  • Data Capture Strategy
  • ID-Level Data Unification across Your Entire Experiential Ecosystem
  • Role-Based KPI Dashboards
  • Interactive Insights Dashboards
  • Custom Analytics

Impact Assessment

Our strategists and data experts deliver actionable insights.

  • Individual Program Results, Analysis, Insights, and Recommendations
  • Ongoing Portfolio Analysis
  • New Business & Revenue Opportunities
  • Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

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