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Leading with Empathy and Human Connection in a Recovery Era

Kent Eder Gotsis

“We’re all in this together”. That is what the pandemic taught us, especially in the workplace, and to thrive, we need to carry that mindset into our “new normal”.   The Scoop, caught up with Katrina Kent, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy with Liberty Mutual Insurance, Charlie Eder, Head of Global Events and Experiential Marketing, […]

Women Rise Up – Three Tips for Setting Up Your Success as a Woman in Leadership

Joan Kuhl Blog

In an age of always on, flexible work, working from home and constant disruption, setting healthy boundaries is more difficult than ever – particularly for women. The Scoop, sat down with Joan Kuhl, author, speaker, researcher, and advocate for corporate inclusivity to discuss how to bloom where you are planted, and share the teachings and […]

Central Line: Inside the Annual Meeting, ANESTHESIOLOGY 2020

ASA Central Line Blog

Listen in as Dr. Adam Striker interviews Dr. Meg Rosenblatt, Chair of ASA’s Annual Meeting Oversight Committee, and Fallon Cryer, Cofounder and Partner at ASA’s consulting partner, beedance, about what to expect from this year’s unprecedented annual meeting.

Engaging Virtual Presentations

Engaging Virtual Presentation

This post is for anyone who wants to appear more confident in front of the camera and deliver more engaging presentations. I’ll be sharing 7 tips on how to best prepare your content and maximize engagement with your audience through your delivery.

ON-DEMAND: The Big Pivot

On Demand The Big Pivot

Discover the keys to successfully making the big pivot from face-to-face events to digital engagements.

Bee wisdom: Lesson Two

Bee Wisdom 2

In part two of this blog series, we explore why collaborative teams innovate better, experience higher levels of morale and, as a result, productivity. Discover lessons from the behaviour of bees.

Bee wisdom: Lesson One

Bee Wisdom 1

Bees must communicate quickly, clearly and consistently to survive. So must the modern organization. Discover key lessons from bees in this blog series.