Engaging Virtual Presentations

Engaging Virtual Presentations

This video series, led by beedance partner, Fallon Cryer, is for anyone looking to ‘up their game’ when presenting virtually (to a webcam). 

Fallon’s passion for keeping business human and using communication as a strategic business lever is an asset in driving organizational change. She has 15+ years of diverse, global experience as an executive with some of the world’s largest brands, including Microsoft, Infor, NTT & DXC Technology.

No matter what your job is, it is increasingly important to be able to present confidently and effectively virtually. It is also harder than ever to keep people’s attention – between the possibility of a dog barking, kids vying for parents’ attention, or bandwidth / technical issues, its HARD!

But, if you can focus your energy on a few of our practical pro tips, your ability to delivery concise, confident, and engaging presentations (pre-recorded or live) will increase dramatically.

7 Tips for To-Camera Presentations

This video is for anyone who wants to appear more confident in front of the camera and deliver more engaging presentations. I’ll be sharing 7 tips on how to best prepare your content and maximize engagement with your audience through your delivery.

Engagement Boosters

This video is for anyone who is looking for ideas on how to create more engaging pre-recorded presentations and is part of a series on delivering engaging presentations. In this clip, we focus on “Engagement Boosters”; a variety of techniques you can use to help keep your audience focused on you and your content for the duration of your recorded video presentation.

Prep Your Environment

Planning to use your webcam to present? Look no further than Fallon’s practical tips for preparing your environment for best results. 


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